ayond ventures

Besides serving our clients, ayond encourages all employees to invent and take ownership of new business ideas- during work hours. The ayond innovation process captures, supports and maintain new internal business ventures. In effect, ayond transform IT-consultants to entrepreneurs. You may call it an incubator – we consider it as a part of our company culture.

ayond offers an open and transparent environment. We believe that sharing (ideas) is the best way to get (ideas). This is especially true in an interdisciplinary team like ayond’s.

At the same time we treat people with integrity, respecting the right of inventors as well as contributors. ayond takes great care to ensure that all people involved in the origin, development, execution and stake-holders of new businesses in-house receive their rightful equity in the spin-off company.

If you have any questions concerning ayond’s in-house innovation process do not hesitate to contact us at innovation@ayond.se.