17 Mar

Reflections on WIT 2016 in Stockholm

On Women’s day, 8th of march, 1000 women from all fields in tech met for a full day of speakers and panels! The tickets ran out like ice cream on a sunny day. That should say some about the number of women in tech but also their need for more forums as this!

I’ll be honest, when I first saw the agenda, I had some trouble wrapping my head around the theme of the conference. It felt a bit outdated to have a conference showing off some digital savy services to and from a group of women. After a couple of hours, I realised that it really wasn’t about the tech but rather gathering a line of cool role models for an audience who is in dire need of them.

The more I listened to the speakers, the more it struck me, how important they were in their respective field. They just happened to be women, as well.

So, the question about role models, sponsors and mentorship? Do we as women have enough of them, visible and written about. And I’m not just talking about on and around Women’s day but in everyday media. As women in a field, it is natural that we’re not included in some typical male bonding contexts. So, we have to create contexts for ourselves.

Did I agree with everything that was said during the day – No. I don’t agree that one shouldn’t adress ideas that are simple to copy. Steal with pride, but do it better!

My conclusion is, I want more. More gatherings, more forums that actually focuses on the tech, more visible role models…just more.