Besides serving our clients, ayond encourages all employees to invent and take ownership of new business ideas - during work hours. The ayond innovation process captures, supports and maintains new internal business ventures. In effect, ayond transform IT-consultants to entrepreneurs. You may call it an incubator – we consider it as a part of our company culture.

Innovation culture

You might wonder what we mean by having an innovation culture at ayond?

We asked two of ayond’s founders, Thomas and Fredrik a couple of questions to find out more.

innovation wall

Our innovation process always begins with an “innovation night” where all of ayond’s employees brainstorm around new innovation briefs.

The innovation evening is held four times a year. Some of the ideas from these creative sessions climb all the way to independent spin-off companies.

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innovation model

When working with innovation, we apply different models depending on what type of project it is.

Books like “Business Model Generation” and “Lean Startup” have been great inspirational resources.

They are very powerful and complement ayond’s culture of an open way of working, our workshop approach, our agile thinking and our user-oriented perspective on startups.

techies / innovators / creators


  • E-commerce
  • Mobile apps, websites & intranets
  • Connectivity & Internet of Things
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Business systems & development
  • Prestudies, workshops & usability studies
  • Communications
  • Support & maintanence


  • Strategy (business development & marketing)
  • User Experience & Service Design
  • Project management & planner
  • Visual design
  • Front-end development (HTML5, CSS, React, Javascript)
  • Back-end development (Java, .net, PHP)
  • App development (iOS, Android, React Native, Xamarin)

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