A moment with our interns

6 Feb 2019
A moment with our interns

ayond has had the privilege of having several interns from different Schools. Miranda and Victor are our latest interns from KYH. They are studying to become Front-end Developers. We are also lucky to have an incoming intern, Meaghan. She studies the Digital Creative programme at Berghs School of Communication.

We asked Miranda and Victor a couple of questions about their time at ayond!
How did you find out about ayond?

Miranda: Through a friend that works at ayond, he recommended that I apply for an internship, since an internship is a part of my education at KYH.

Victor: My school put out a list of companies that are known to offer internships and ayond was on that list.

What is your impression of ayond?

Miranda:ayond has a friendly environment and a lot of interesting projects. I like that there’s activities going on regularly and that there’s a constant knowledge exchange amongst the employees.

Victor: It’s a relaxed and friendly environment and I like the location.

Has your time at ayond been educational?

Miranda: Yes, it has helped me to get a better picture of how it is to work as a Front-end Developer in a real project with actual costumers.

Victor: Yes absolutely, being around experienced developers has helped me greatly. I learn a lot better when working on a real project and not just a school assignment.

What knowledge will you carry with you from ayond?

Miranda: How it is to work within a team of people with different roles and together create a finished product. I also got a better picture of how and why people come up with ideas for new digital products.

Victor: One of many things I will carry with me is the ability to communicate with developers who speak different programming languages.

Can you share a fun memory from ayond?

Miranda: A fun memory was when ayond had their “innovation evening” and anyone who wanted to could present an idea they had for an app or other kind of product. I thought it was interesting to listen to what people had come up with and what they considered important to have in their daily lives.

Victor: I thought it was fun to participate in meetings for Yonyfy, the project that I'm working on, where we discussed the future of the project, brainstormed future features and I got to know more about creating and managing a real product with actual users.

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