Helps farmers to sell self-made Biomethane!

21 Nov 2017
Helps farmers to sell self-made Biomethane!

ayond is developing a Biomethane Web Platform aiming to create a biomethane information and sales Web-Platform for biomethane producers together with an integrated User Application for biomethane end-users. This will allow the trading of biomethane online in a smart, simple and cost efficient way. 

The client is NeoZeo. NeoZeo has developed a biogas upgrading module to produce biogas vehicle fuel - biomethane - for small-scale biogas producers such as farms and wastewater treatment plants.

NeoZeo AB was founded based on several years of research in materials chemistry at Stockholm University, Sweden - a leading research environment on porous materials. 

The web-platform will help to increase decentralized biomethane production and distribution as well as further simplify, support and encourage the use of biomethane as renewable vehicle fuel in Sweden. The web-platform will bring together 

* Local Biomethane Producers e.g. small and medium farms, waste management and water treatment companies

* Biomethane End-users e.g. local taxi companies, municipal biogas bus fleets, municipal waste collection cars and trucks, and private owners of Compressed Biomethane Gas (CBG) vehicles

* Biomethane Distributors

The web-platform will collect live data from all registered biomethane producers and biomethane distributors to offer a simple and seamless process to order specific quantities of biomethane at different locations. 


The biomethane price will be analysed at different locations and an automatic offer will be generated to satisfy producers and end-users, possibly with the use of algorithmic pricing. Moreover, the system will measure and showcase the collective impact made by the platform players on Sweden’s environment via reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

This project is funded under SIP PiiA – FUI-project varen 2017 by VINNOVA and will involve the collaboration of:

NeoZeo AB, ayond AB, Biogas Ost AB, ACTE Solutions AB

Team member at ayond: 

Johanna Cyprian UX, Camilla Lamberg UX, Birger Moell Front-end, Henrik Holmlund Front-end, Fredrik Hansson Back-end and Thomas Arctaedius Sr Project Manager. 

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