June 8, 2018

Three new colleagues

Robert Horngren is a Fresh Front-End developer from the KYH vocational university, specialised in HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as familiar with several frameworks and agile working methods.
Eager to try new things and always happy to put new knowledge and techniques to the test.”After over 10 years working with direct sales, customer service, support and sales coordination I decided to change tracks and become a developer, hoping to put my previous knowledge and experience to use by applying it to future projects I will be involved with, giving me a unique insight into what tasks a potential user might face on a daily basis.
In my spare time I try to spend time outdoors, preferably with my camera in hand. Spending time in the archipelago of Stockholm is also very important to me, as that’s where I grew up and still visit frequently.”



“Hi, I’m Pinar!


I currently work as a UX/UI designer at Trygg-Hansa and that is what I will be doing at Ayond aswell. I studied the Bachelor’s Programme in Interaction Design at Stockholm University and finished my studies in the beginning of 2016. I did my internship at Viaplay and after I graduated I started working as a UX consultant at Softronic AB before moving on to Trygg-Hansa. “


Jesper Engdahl is a Graduating Junior Back End Developer with focus on .NET, C#, SQL and sometimes Javascript. Who loves to try new technologies in developing, and aiming to become a Fullstack Developer.

“Earlier I worked in the industrial sector, but after a time I wanted to work in a more creative and constructive work environment. Thats why I choose to study programming.

On my spare time I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, playing games of all kinds and shapes and be with my family.

I will be looking forward to working at Ayond, in the projects ScorX and Neo Zeo. And also contribute to Ayonds future AI solutions.”