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Together with CSES and Mötesplats för social innovation, ayond has developed a concept for a new mobile web and website called Idé with the purpose to inspire and show examples of interesting social innovations. The platform enables entrepreneurs to connect with stakeholders relevant to their innovation.

The mobile web was done with ayond’s concept of editing at one place and publishing on all devices at once. However, sometimes the way we use mobile applications differ from how we use websites. In this particular case, creating a project was far to time consuming and no one wanted to write long texts on the mobile keyboards so that part is only accessible through the website. On the other hand the users loved to browse the projects, therefore this was given the most attention in the application.

Read more about Idékatalogen at VINNOVAS press release (in Swedish). More about the development process at the ayond blog (in Swedish). And don’t forget to  follow Idékatalogen on Twitter if you want to stay updated about social innovation.

"Thanks to a truly innovative concept, Idékatalogen will serve as a catalyst helping amazing innovations to get wider and quicker spread."David LundborgCentre Manager at CSES
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