Dont´ Share (3M)

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Ayond created a viral campaign for 3M

The campaign aims to draw attention to 3M’s privacy filters for laptops, touch screens and mobile phones. ayond created the communicative message, the specific campaign-logo, graphic design, development and strategy. The campaign is Nordic and will continue during the spring of 2014 in a variety of digital channels and also in print .
The main message of the campaign is “Don´t Share” that summarizes and explains the whole deal in a clear and effective manner.
By establishing the campaign on Facebook, we hope to reach audiences who are in need of privacy filters when browsing and working in environments where information is likely to be spread.
The reason that the campaign started on Facebook is that this channel symbolizes sharing culture through its focus on the number of shares and likes, which we and 3M wish to make fun in an ingenious way .
The Facebook users themselves will determine how viral this campaign will become. The great message is that we and 3M will be as satisfied if it is not shared. Then our message got through, although we of course hope that as many people as possible will take part of our call and share it. And there are many who already are aware of the campaign. Since the campaign on Facebook was launched in mid -February, over half a million people have seen the Swedish campaign and the campaign site has been visited by over 5,000 people.
ayond has developed 4 campaign sites for the Nordic countries, a Facebook page, Facebook banners, contests and content, print ads, banners at other dealers’ sites and other selling-materials.
In late February, the campaign will start in the other Nordic countries, and it will be exciting to follow the progress of the campaign in a wider scale.
Please visit the site and Dont ‘s share facebook page. Share it and like it!
Skills in project: Copy, AD, Creative Director, Project Management, UX, front-end development, WordPress/PHP, Social Strategy Manager.
ayond also work with the 3M brand Futuro on a nordic level.

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Dont´ Share (3M)


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