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Saving the world with bees

ayond developed new features to the website of Bee Urban making it easy to sponsor bees through a payment solution where you select the amount of bees you want to sponsor.

It feels great to work with such an important company as Bee Urban. And why it is important – (From Bee Urbans website) “Bees are staring to disappear and die. Some regions in Europe have lost up to 80 percent of their hives during 2010. In Sweden, 25 percent of the hives were lost. Should the bees disappear completely we would not have access to fruit, vegetables and meat would become unreasonably expensive. In areas where the bees have already disappeared such as in Sichuan, China the pollination of the fruitorchards are dependent on the villagers to hand pollinate them with the help of small brushes.”

Bee Urban offers sponsorship of beehives to companies in the urban environment. The hives are places primarily on rooftops around the city, either on the property of the sponsor or locations that Bee Urban has sought out. Bee Urban caters for the upkeep of the hives and the honey is accrued by the sponsor. The honey is packaged in a format that conveys the sponsors initiative for helping the environment in a positive, innovative and tangible manner.

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