Mobile application

Challenging paper mail with a digital mailbox

ayond are in the process of enhancing the graphical design and user experience for Brevo, the leading digital postal mail service in Sweden. The concept includes a combined solution for pads and web and a stand alone mobile service. One focus we have is to make the user feel at home no matter what device he or she is using at the moment.

“Brevo is a Digital Postal Mail Service that offers all private persons in Sweden above the age of fifteen access to a free, personal and secure Digital Postal Mailbox Service on the Internet. In Brevo you can receive and store exact facsimiles of letters that normally are sent trough the physical postal mail system. The letters in Brevo are distributed to the Recipients – faster, safer and at the fraction of the cost of a physical postal mail. Brevo provides bank level security and allows safe, structured interaction between Senders and Recipients – at anytime from anywhere,”
- Håkan Nydén, CEO at Brevo



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