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ayond has at various times worked with Gavagai and one of these projects are the brand new responsive web. We have made the frontend in a WordPress environment and have different technical features such as image carousel for the entire first page, for example.

Clients include international and Swedish companies and political parties who wish to predict the future by analysis of large data sets.

Gavagai develops ground breaking core technology for text analytics. Theirs proprietary technology learns and understands the meaning of any kind of text in any language better then any other existing technology, and does so in real time and on internet scale. Gavagai´s technology is positioned to be the core technology for all future services and applications where human-generated language is a crucial information source: understanding consumer sentiment, tracking political opinion, search, speech processing, social media and big data analysis, deep packet inspection and many other fields.

Gavagai is an exciting company and we look forward to more exciting work together with them.

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