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Android taxi app for Halda

ayond has designed and developed a taxi app for Halda AB regarding the booking of taxis. Halda Taxi delivers and develops products and services for modern and reliable taxi system for some 30 taxi companies in the Nordic region. By partnering with ayond they can now offer all their customers a general taxi application. The idea is then customizing the app so that it meets the various taxi companies claims for function and design. The basic function for android that we developed included, among other things. a registration of taxi customer, ordering of taxi, the log of past trips, the preference of options and live search of taxi cab on the map.

VIP Taxi in Gothenburg may be the first of Haldas customers that will offer the app to their customers. So next time you are in Gothenburg, download VIP Taxi’s app and book your trip. The first app will most likely be released in early 2014.



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