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Meet ALMA – a digital interactive calendar for nearly 1.5 million members from 14 different units!

Previously, LO has published a paper calendar to its members.
Now they have a digital calendar thanks to us and our partner Formpartner.

The calendar can be used by LO’s 14 different unions and all of theirs 1.5 million users.

This project has focused on building a digital calender for desktop, alma.lo.se, tablets and mobile devices (responsive design). The Alma calender can also be found in AppStore and on Google Play.

The user can find information and send it to his/her private calender. When you register, you can also start adding your own relevant events that you want others to find.

We have also built an open API, and you can for example import and export calender information from EPiServer and Facebook calenders, which makes it easier for administrators. It will be enough to update information in one system.

The project was done together with our partner Formpartner and it involves project management, user experience, graphical design, GUI development and backend development.

The project was done during the fall 2012 and we are now having a support agreement around this service.

The solution uses, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby-on-rails, responsive design and MySQL.


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