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A video enhanced website for the recruitment selection process

Nordic Hotels run eight top-notch design hotels in Scandinavia, for instance Copper Hill in Åre. In order to recruit more effeciently, ayond has helped Nordic Hotels to build a video enhanced web site for the recruitment selection process.

Through a questionnaire, to-be-applicants can test if they are suited for a position in one of the hotels. Each question contains a video depicting a fictive but typical hotel situation involving a guest and an employee at the hotel. The applicant is then asked to indicate one of three ways of how s/he would respond in that situation. If the applicant gives the appropriate answers, s/he is encouraged to file an application. If not, the hotel manages politely explains – through a video – that Nordic Hotels might not be the perfect match.

In this way, non-eligable applicants save time by not having to go through the application process in vain. Nordic Hotels receives more service minded applicatants, thus optmimizing the recruitment process. This kind of pre-selection may be most appropriate in service jobs recruitment, but could have value in other market segments as well.

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