Oscar Properties


Oscar Properties

ayond has developed the external website www.oscarproperties.com
Modern design and architecture characterizes the entire Oscar Properties identity. Their vision is to create modern homes that are so unique that people actively seek out an Oscar Properties building when choosing their accommodation.

So, when the creation of their new external web started, modern design and architecture were crucial parameters for success. We are happy with the end result and would also like to address a big thank you to WHISPR GROUP, which has been a great partner throughout the project. WHISPR GROUP is a global digital strategy agency for both global and local brands.
The work included graphic design, UX and ayond was responsible for the development of the website. The platform is WordPress and the site is responsive in its design. The project started in December 2013 and was completed in mid-February 2014.

About Oscar Properties
Oscar Properties was founded in 2004 with the vision to develop apartments so unique that people would specifically aim for an Oscar Properties building when searching for a new residence. Since then, modern design and architecture has been an essential part of the company’s identity.

Since start, Oscar Properties has sold real estate for approximately sek 3,5 billion, completed around 600 apartments and managed to deliver profit, even in times of economic crisis. Going forward, Oscar Properties will continue to bring creative ideas and conceptual design to the Stockholm real estate market, starting with the current 1,500 new residences on the drawing board.

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