Front end

Our talented front end developers always combine the latest technology with proven methods. For us it is important to provide responsive designs that allow all content to be available on both mobile phones as well as the largest high-resolution screens. The responsive way of thinking is thoroughly established in the front end team at ayond.

All development is based on Photoshop or Illustrator drawings provided by the customer or created by our designers in close collaboration with the customer. When working agile we involve the customer from planning to deployment, and are always able to create sites with pixel perfection according to changing demands.

All projects are carefully tested to ensure that the designs are supported in different browsers and versions. We use HTML 5, CSS 3 and ajax, but plan for how to fall back for older systems not supporting the lastest technology. We have expertise in animation and video production, as well as structuring design implementations for flexible and extendable solutions. Ayond projects use various content management systems such as EPiServer, WordPress, Drupal and SilverStripe, as well as work stand alone.

We can do web sites from your ideas and we can reshape your current web site in ways you thought was not possible, enabling the latest technology and supporting a wide range of platforms and visitors.