ayond brings extraordinary skills in strategy from our extensive experience in developing new business opportunities and with managing changes in an existing business. Our objective is always to deliver a hands-on strategy with distinct goals and activities that our clients can implement directly, themselves our together with ayond. ayond´s strategy model, DDES, (Define, Decide, Execute and Secure) sets a clear view of what to expect with our assignment & deliveries. We are especially targeting strategy for our clients digital business, i.e strategies for web, mobile and social media.

When targeting strategy for e-commerce we always have a broad perspective, and integrate ERP, Supply Chain, PoS, campaign, member management, SEO, payment solution, branding and web interaction in our analysis. It´s not all about the e-commerce website, the key is to fully understand the whole picture to get successful in your e-commerce investment!
When implementing a new innovation strategy ayond brings a exceptional knowledge of managing innovation processes and methods to implement a innovation strategy that has a proven track record.

In all our strategy assignments we use standardised strategy methods and accelerating tools such as Business Model Generation to visualise business models and OGSM to visualise Objectives, Goals , Strategy and Metrics. ayond has an agile approach also in our strategy model. We therefore engage participants in iterative workshops to visualise and establish the new strategy within our clients domain.