Artificial Intelligence

Business decisions powered by artificial intelligence might feel like science fiction but is fast becoming reality. With the help of data, machine learning algorithms can find patterns in your data that helps your company achieve their long term goals.


Artificial intelligence is a way to superpower your business. By using data with machine learning you can enhance decision making capabilities, reduce churn and improve profitability.


Our developers start by looking at what valuable data can help your company reach their goals. We find valuable stakeholders in your company that have the competence to help your company become data driven. We help your company build a data pipeline so that you can use artificial intelligence in the daily workflow of your company. Once these steps are complete your company is ready to use the power of artificial intelligence to become a leader in your market.

What can Ayond offer your business?

Introductory lectures on artificial intelligence
At Ayond, we have technical and strategic expertise in implementing artificial intelligence. We would like to read about the possibilities with Ai for your company’s technicians and other decision makers

Preliminary study on implementation of artificial intelligence
A prerequisite for successful implementation of artificial intelligence is access to structured data. We help your business to see the value of your data and identify possible ways for successful implementation of artificial intelligence on your business. We make an analysis and summarize the results in a short report together with a checklist for how to proceed.

Develop apps with artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence is a new technical paradigm in programming. With this we can build technical solutions that were previously impossible. We are happy to discuss how we can help your business to build business solutions that make use of this technology.