More people buy more stuff on the Internet, via traditional computers and increasingly on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. For example, 73 percent of Swedish consumers have bought something online in the last quarter 2012.


When you want to increase sales by taking your business online or improve your existing e-shop. We have the competence and tools to deliver everything from a whole e-commerce solution to tweaking an existing site to perfection as well as integration with your procurement, billing and production system. We will help you getting customers to your e-shop and make it easy for them to buy your products.


We offer a range of tools to make sure that we can customize a solution that is truly tailor-made using blogs, social media, Google, CMS tools and widgets that can be added to your e-shop. Our existing e-commerce solutions are built on the modern and flexible open source product Spree Commerce, using Ruby On Rails. We have also built mobile e-commerce solutions in .net and HTML5. All our projects are managed by using Scrum.


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