Support & Maintenance

ayond offers tailor-made support & maintenance web and mobile solutions to all our clients. We can offer a complete support package or maybe you just need experienced consultants to act as a sounding board.


We are aware of the fact that nearly 80 % of the cost of an investment in a application is coming from maintenance and support. Therefore our offer in support and maintenance is set out to help our clients to keep their application up-to-date with the changing environment, secure that the application keep high-quality and that we always prioritizing the right functions to be implemented all to maximize the value of the application and your investments. As a support & maintenance client you always can count of getting help from all of ayonds different skills i.e strategy, business development, graphical design, interaction design and our tech-team.


ayond support and maintenance model includes the essential areas such as User Support , Problem Reporting, Change Request Reporting, Development & Release management. We also continuously, together with our client, reviews and maintain the web strategy. We use the cloud capabilities to secure cost-efficient hosting of your web or mobile solution. By analyzing every individual situation we can setup a solution that fits your needs and give you access to our thought through support and maintenance model.