Usability studies

Usability studies are performed to either find out deep insights of target group behavior or to test a concept in the hands of the users that are actually going to use the service or product in question. In both cases our experience shows that involving users always leads to unexpected finds that often are invaluable when creating a new concept for a product or service.


A usability study can give you invaluable insights of how your target groups behave in different situations. It is about ensuring that the functionality that is being built not only will be used, but used in a way that coincide with our clients business goals. When using the web/apps as the very core of your business or to drive business, it is essential to get this right.

Read more about usability and ROI here. (Summary of Randolph Bias & Deborah Mayhew’s book Cost-Justifying Usability)


We work with several methods when performing usability studies. For analyzing target groups in an early stage we do different interview methods which can be summarized in for example personas that can be used in later development stages. When producing a concept for a service, normally quick tests with mockups work best. After a performed test, the Interaction Designer analyzes the results and iterates the concept to adapt it better to the target groups goals and motivations.